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  • STEMbach Experiences at Higher Education 

    Castro-Santos, Laura; Puime Guillén, Félix; Lamas, M.I.; García-Diez, Ana; Enríquez-Díaz, Joaquín; Boedo, Lucía; Lagoa-Varela, Dolores; Álvarez García, Begoña; Filgueira-Vizoso, Almudena (De Gruyter Open Ltd, 2023-01)
    [Abstract]: The aim of this work is to describe several experiences of STEMbach in different areas: engineering, economics, materials, etc. The STEMbach is a program carried out by high school students during their two ...
  • New approach for assessing and optimising the environmental performance of multinational electricity sectors: a European case study 

    Cartelle Barros, Juan José; Llano Paz, Fernando de; Lara Coira, Manuel; Cruz, M. Pilar de la; Caño, Alfredo del; Soares, Isabel (Elsevier Ltd, 2022-07-31)
    [Abstract] The afim of energy pflannfing fis to achfieve a reflfiabfle suppfly of energy resources at competfitfive costs and wfith the fleast negatfive fimpacts on socfiety and the envfironment. However, most of the ...
  • Sustainable university entrepreneurship: Revisiting firm growth patterns 

    Fernández-López, Sara; Rodeiro-Pazos, D.; Rodríguez-Gulías, María Jesús; Nogueira-Moreiras, Manuel Anxo (John Wiley, 2022)
    [Abstract]: Previous research on the firm growth of the university spin-offs (USOs) and its drivers yields inconclusive results. Recently, the literature on the high-growth firms (HGFs) has relied on regression quantile ...
  • Music as an Element of Tourism Innovation: Types of Nightlife Premises in Ibiza (Spain) 

    Ramón Cardona, José; Sánchez-Fernández, María Dolores; Durán Sánchez, Amador; Álvarez-García, José (Frontiers Media S.A., 2022)
    [Abstract]: The island of Ibiza is a western Mediterranean destination known internationally for its nightlife. The aim of this paper is to make a proposal to classify the different types of premises in the Ibiza nightlife ...
  • Senior and Technology Entrepreneurship: An Analysis for OECD Countries 

    Fernández-López, Sara; Rodeiro-Pazos, David; Zapata-Huamaní, Andrés; Rodríguez-Gulías, María Jesús (Wiley, 2022)
    [Abstract] Aging of the population has created a direct effect on economies and tension onsocial security systems. Policymakers have been senior entrepreneurship as an optionto reduce unemployment and delay the age of ...

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