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    • Towards a Digital Twin of the Earth System: Geo-Soft-CoRe, a Geoscientific Software & Code Repository 

      DeFelipe, Irene; Alcalde, Juan; Baykiev, Eldar; Bernal, Isabel; Boonma, Kittiphon; Carbonell, Ramón; Flude, Stephanie; Folch, Arnau; Fullea, Javier; García-Castellanos, Daniel; Geyer, Adelina; Giralt, Santiago; Hernández, Armand; Jiménez-Munt, Ivone; Kumar, Ajay; Llorens, María-Gema; Martí, Joan; Molina, Cecilia; Olivar-Castaño, Andrés; Parnell, Andrew; Schimmel, Martin; Torné, Montserrat; Ventosa, Sergi (Frontiers, 2022-04-26)
      [Abstract] The immense advances in computer power achieved in the last decades have had a significant impact in Earth science, providing valuable research outputs that allow the simulation of complex natural processes and ...