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    • Characterizing zebra crossing zones using LiDAR data 

      Esmorís Pena, Alberto Manuel; López Vilariño, David; Fernández Arango, David; Varela-García, Francisco-Alberto; Cabaleiro, José Carlos; Rivera, Francisco F. (Wiley, 2023)
      [Abstract:] Light detection and ranging (LiDAR) scanning in urban environments leads to accurate and dense three-dimensional point clouds where the different elements in the scene can be precisely characterized. In this ...
    • Implementation of a motion estimation algorithm for Intel FPGAs using OpenCL 

      Castro, Manuel de; Osorio, Roberto; López Vilariño, David; González-Escribano, Arturo; Llanos, Diego R. (Springer, 2023)
      [Abstract]: Motion Estimation is one of the main tasks behind any video encoder. It is a computationally costly task; therefore, it is usually delegated to specific or reconfigurable hardware, such as FPGAs. Over the years, ...