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    • Formononetin, a beer polyphenol with catabolic effects on chondrocytes 

      Guillán-Fresco, María; Franco-Trepat, Eloi; Alonso-Pérez, Ana; Jorge-Mora, Alberto; López-López, Verónica; Pazos-Pérez, Andrés; Piñeiro-Ramil, María; Gómez, Rodolfo (MDPI, 2023-06-29)
      [Abstract] Beer consumption has been identified as a risk factor for osteoarthritis (OA), a rheumatic disease characterised by cartilage degradation, joint inflammation, and eventual joint failure. One of the main isoflavonoids ...
    • Methylphenidate promotes premature growth plate closure: in vitro evidence 

      Pazos-Pérez, Andrés; Piñeiro-Ramil, María; Franco-Trepat, Eloi; Guillán-Fresco, María; López-López, Verónica; Jorge-Mora, Alberto; Alonso-Pérez, Ana; Gómez, Rodolfo (MDPI, 2023-02-20)
      [Abstract] It is well known that patients with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder treated with stimulants, such as methylphenidate hydrochloride (MPH), have reduced height and weight. Even though MPH has an anorexigenic ...