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    • A 68 ka precipitation record from the hyperarid core of the Atacama Desert in northern Chile 

      Diederich, Julia L.; Wennrich, Volker; Bao, Roberto; Büttner, Christoph; Bolten, Andreas; Brill, Dominik; Buske, Stefan; Campos, Eduardo; Fernández-Galego, Emma; Gödickmeier, Peggy; Ninnemann, Lukas; Reyers, Mark; Ritter, Benedikt; Ritterbach, Laura; Rolf, Christian; Scheidt, Stephanie; Dunai, Tibor J.; Melles, Martin (Elsevier, 2020-01)
      [Abstract] The Atacama Desert in northern Chile is one of the driest deserts on Earth. Hyperaridity persists at least since the Miocene and was punctuated by pluvial phases. However, very little is known about the timing, ...