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    • A Q-Method Approach to Perceptions of Professional Reasoning in Occupational Therapy Undergraduates 

      Márquez Álvarez, Luis Javier; Calvo-Arenillas, José-Ignacio; Jiménez Arberas, Estíbaliz; Talavera Valverde, Miguel Ángel; Souto Gómez, Ana Isabel; Moruno Miralles, Pedro (Springer Nature, 2021-05-07)
      [Abstract] Background. Professional reasoning provides a firm basis for the development of teaching and assessment strategies to support the acquisition of skills by healthcare students. Nevertheless, occupational therapy ...
    • Exploring occupational therapists’ professional identity: A Q-method study 

      Souto Gómez, Ana Isabel; Talavera Valverde, Miguel Ángel; García-de-la-Torre, María P.; Márquez Álvarez, Luis Javier (MDPI, 2023-02-20)
      [Abstract+ (1) Background: This study examines the nature of the rarely studied factors of the professional identity from an occupational therapist’s perspective. (2) Methods: Q-methodology was applied to identify the ...