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    • Validation of a clinical-grade assay to measure donor-derived cell-free DNA in solid organ transplant recipients 

      Grskovic, Marica; Hiller, David J.; Eubank, Lane A.; Sninsky, John J.; Christopherson, Cindy; Collins, John P.; Thompson, Kathryn; Song, Mindy; Wang, Yue S.; Ross, David; Nelles, Mitchell J.; Yee, James P.; Wilber, Judith C.; Crespo-Leiro, María Generosa; Scott, Susan L.; Woodward, Robert N. (Elsevier para American Society for Investigative Pathology and the Association for Molecular Pathology, 2016-10-07)
      [Abstract] The use of circulating cell-free DNA (cfDNA) as a biomarker in transplant recipients offers advantages over invasive tissue biopsy as a quantitative measure for detection of transplant rejection and immunosuppression ...