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    • Classical and nonclassical intercellular communication in senescence and ageing 

      Fafián Labora, Juan Antonio; O'Loghlen, Ana (Cell Press, 2020-06-03)
      [Abstract] Intercellular communication refers to the different ways through which cells communicate with each other and transfer a variety of messages. These communication methods involve a number of different processes ...
    • Genome Wide CRISPR/Cas9 Screen Identifies the Coagulation Factor IX (F9) as a Regulator of Senescence 

      Carpintero-Fernández, Paula; Borghesan, Michela; Eleftheriadou, Olga; Pan-Castillo, Belén; Fafián Labora, Juan Antonio; Mitchell, Tom P.; Yuste, Alejandro; Ogrunc, Muge; Nightingale, Thomas D.; Mayán, María; O'Loghlen, Ana (Nature, 2022-02-19)
      [Abstract] During this last decade, the development of prosenescence therapies has become an attractive strategy as cellular senescence acts as a barrier against tumour progression. In this context, CDK4/6 inhibitors induce ...
    • NF-κB/IKK Activation by Small Extracellular Vesicles Within the SASP 

      Fafián Labora, Juan Antonio; O'Loghlen, Ana (Wiley, 2021-06-29)
      [Abstract] Cellular senescence plays an important role in different biological and pathological conditions. Senescent cells communicate with their microenvironment through a plethora of soluble factors, metalloproteases ...