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    • Enabling appropriate personnel skill-mix for progressive realization of equitable access to assistive technology 

      Smith, Emma M.; Gowran, Rosemary Joan; Mannan, Hasheem; Donnelly, Brian; Álvarez, Liliana; Bell, Diane; Contepomi, Silvana; Ennion, Liezel; Hoogerwerf, Evert-Jan; Howe, Tracey; Jan, Yih-Kuen; Kagwiza, Jeanne; Layton, Natasha; Ledgerd, Ritchard; MacLachan, Malcolm; Oggero, Giulia; Pettersson, Cecilia; Pousada, Thais; Scheffler, Elsje; Wu, Sam (Taylor & Francis, 2018-05-17)
      [Abstract] Background and methods: This paper reviews the current capacity of personnel in enabling access to assistive technology (AT) as well as the systems and processes within which they work, and was reviewed, discussed, ...