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    • Digitalisation for nuclear waste management: predisposal and disposal 

      Kolditz, Olaf; Jacques, Diederik; Claret, Francis; Bertrand, Johan; Churakov, Sergey V.; Debayle, Christophe; Diaconu, Daniela; Fuzik, Kateryna; García-Cobos, D.; Graebling, Nico; Grambow, Bernd; Holt, Erika; Idiart, Andrés; Leira, Petter; Montoya, Vanessa; Niederleithinger, Ernst; Olin, Markus; Pfingsten, Wilfried; Prasianakis, Nikolaos; Rink, Karsten; Samper, Javier; Szöke, István; Szöke, Réka; Theodon, Louise; Wendling, Jacques (Springer, 2023)
      [Abstract:] Data science (digitalisation and artificial intelligence) became more than an important facilitator for many domains in fundamental and applied sciences as well as industry and is disrupting the way of research ...
    • Modelling of the long-term evolution and performance of engineered barrier system 

      Claret, Francis; Dauzeres, Alexandre; Jacques, Diederik; Sellin, Patrik; Cochepin, Benoit; De Windt, Laurent; Garibay-Rodríguez, Jaime; Govaerts, Joan; Leupin, Olivier; Mon, Alba; Montenegro, Luis; Montoya, Vanessa; Prasianakis, Nikolaos; Samper, Javier; Talandier, Jean (EDP Sciences, 2022)
      [Abstract:] Components of the so-called “multiple-barrier system” from the waste form to the biosphere include a combination of waste containers, engineered barriers, and natural barriers. The Engineered Barrier System ...