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    • Any papyrus about "a hand over a stool and a bread loaf, followed by a boat"? Dealing with hieroglyphic texts in IR 

      Iglesias-Franjo, Estíbaliz; Vilares, Jesús (ACM International Conference Proceeding Series, 2016-06)
      [Abstract] Digital Heritage deals with the use of computing and information technologies for the preservation and study of the human cultural legacy. Within this context, we present here a Text Retrieval system developed ...
    • Searching Four-Millennia-Old Documents: A Text Retrieval System for Egyptologists 

      Iglesias-Franjo, Estíbaliz; Vilares, Jesús (2016-08)
      [Abstract] Progress made in recent years has led to a growing interest in Digital Heritage. This article focuses on Egyptology and, more specifically, the study and preservation of ancient Egyptian scripts. We present a ...
    • TIR over Egyptian Hieroglyphs 

      Iglesias-Franjo, Estíbaliz; Vilares, Jesús (IEEE Computer Society Press, 2016-09)
      [Abstract] This work presents an Information Retrieval system specifically designed to manage Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic texts taking into account their peculiarities both at lexical and at encoding level for its ...