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  • Circulating microRNAs: molecular microsensors in gastrointestinal cancer 

    Blanco, Moisés; Calvo, Lourdes; Figueroa, Angélica; Haz, Mar; Antón-Aparicio, Luis M.; Valladares-Ayerbes, Manuel (MPDI, 2012-07-09)
    [Abstract] MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are small molecules of single strand non-coding RNAs, which are able to regulate gene expression. miRNAs have been involved in multiple cellular processes, such as proliferation, apoptosis and ...
  • A primary signet ring cell carcinoma of the prostate with bone metastasis with impressive response to FOLFOX and Cetuximab 

    Roldán, Ana Milena; Fernández-Núñez, Natalia; Grande Pulido, Enrique; Álvarez-García, Augusto; Antón-Aparicio, Luis M. (Elsevier, 2012-03-10)
  • Searching for Hif1-α interacting proteins in renal cell carcinoma 

    Medina Villaamil, Vanessa; Aparicio Gallego, Guadalupe; Santamarina, Isabel; Valladares-Ayerbes, Manuel; Antón-Aparicio, Luis M. (Springer para Federation of Spanish Oncology Sociesties (FESEO), 2012-08-28)
    [Abstract] Introduction. Kidney tumours are frequently characterised by hypoxic conditions due to a local imbalance between oxygen (O2) supply and consumption. Hif1-α regulates angiogenesis, tumour growth, tumour progression, ...
  • Comprehensive lung injury pathology induced by mTOR inhibitors 

    Aparicio Gallego, Guadalupe; Medina, Vanessa; Fernández, Ovidio; Jiménez, Paula; Lema, Martina; Figueroa, Angélica; Antón-Aparicio, Luis M. (Springer para Federation of Spanish Oncology Sociesties (FESEO), 2009-08-29)
    [Abstract] Interstitial lung disease is a rare side effect of temsirolimus treatment in renal cancer patients. Pulmonary fibrosis is characterised by the accumulation of extracellular matrix collagen, fibroblast proliferation ...
  • Potential role of sugar transporters in cancer and their relationship with anticancer therapy 

    Blanco, Moisés; Figueroa, Angélica; Grande Pulido, Enrique; García Campelo, Rosario; Antón-Aparicio, Luis M. (Hindawi, 2010-06-20)
    [Abstract] Sugars, primarily glucose and fructose, are the main energy source of cells. Because of their hydrophilic nature, cells use a number of transporter proteins to introduce sugars through their plasma membrane. ...