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  • Disponibilidad de macro- y micronutrientes en un suelo de cultivo de Mabegondo (A Coruña) 

    Ulloa Guitián, Montserrat; Abreu, Cleide Aparecida; Paz González, Antonio (Universidade da Coruña, 2001)
    Abstract] The Mehlich–3 extraction reagent recommended for use on a wide range of acid soil types was utilised for extracting in a simple step, both major elements (P, Ca, Mg) and micronutrients (Fe, Mn, Cu and Zn,). The ...
  • The problem of the species concept in the phylogeny of the cave bears 

    Vila, Marta; Grandal-d'Anglade, Aurora (Universidade da Coruña, 2001)
    [Abstract] This a short review of a series of concepts daily used in palaentology, trying to connect them with their meaning in other fields of study in Biology. Firstly, it should be pointed out if the concept of species ...
  • Pleistocene small cave bear (Ursus rossicus) from the South Siberia, Russia 

    Baryshnikov, G.; Foronova, I. (Universidade da Coruña, 2001)
    [Abstract] The skull, mandibles and cheek teeth of U. Rossicus from four localities of the South Siberia are examined. This species inhabited the steppe regions in early Middle and Late Pleistocene. By odontological ...
  • Cave bear worship in the Palaeolithic 

    Wunn, I. (Universidade da Coruña, 2001)
    [Abstract] As a result of detailed discussion under different points of view, this study has neither endorsed evidence of any early belief system nor of cave bear worship. All relevant conceptions of that kind are either ...
  • Efectos del encalado sobre los cambios físico-químicos y químicos en suelos inundados 

    Morales, L. A.; Vázquez, S.; Paz González, Antonio (Universidade da Coruña, 2001)
    Rice growth in wetlands or paddy soils is economically important in Latin America.Lime amendment is becoming a conventional practice for rice production in this area. A field study was conducted to compare changes induced ...