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  • New Treebank or Repurposed? On the Feasibility of Cross-Lingual Parsing of Romance Languages with Universal Dependencies 

    Garcia, Marcos; Gómez-Rodríguez, Carlos; Alonso Pardo, Miguel Ángel (Cambridge University Press, 2018-01)
    [Abstract] This paper addresses the feasibility of cross-lingual parsing with Universal Dependencies (UD) between Romance languages, analyzing its performance when compared to the use of manually annotated resources of the ...
  • Intelligent retrieval for biodiversity 

    Vilares, Manuel; Fernández, Milagros; Blanco, Adrián; Gómez-Rodríguez, Carlos (2016-02)
    [Abstract] A knowledge discovery and representation frame to mine contents in systems biology is described. It applies natural language processing to integrate linguistic and domain knowledge in a mathematical model for ...
  • On the Feasibility of Character n-Grams Pseudo-Translation for Cross-Language Information Retrieval Tasks 

    Vilares, Jesús; Vilares, Manuel; Alonso Pardo, Miguel Ángel; Oakes, Michael P. (2016-03)
    [Abstract] The field of Cross-Language Information Retrieval relates techniques close to both the Machine Translation and Information Retrieval fields, although in a context involving characteristics of its own. The present ...
  • Studying the Effect and Treatment of Misspelled Queries in Cross-Language Information Retrieval 

    Vilares, Jesús; Alonso Pardo, Miguel Ángel; Doval, Yerai; Vilares, Manuel (2016-07)
    [Abstract] The performance of Information Retrieval systems is limited by the linguistic variation present in natural language texts. Word-level Natural Language Processing techniques have been shown to be useful in reducing ...
  • A review on political analysis and social media 

    Vilares, David; Alonso Pardo, Miguel Ángel (Sociedad Española para el Procesamiento del Lenguaje Natural, 2016-03)
    [Abstract] In democratic countries, forecasting the voting intentions of citizens and knowing their opinions on major political parties and leaders is of great interest to the parties themselves, to the media, and to the ...