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    • A tagger environment for Galician 

      Vilares Ferro, Manuel; Graña Gil, Jorge; Araújo, T.; Cabrero Souto, David; Diz, I. (1998)
      [Abstract] In this paper, we introduce a tagger environment for Galician, the native language of Galicia. Galician belongs to the group of Romance languages which developed from the Latin imposed on the north-west of the ...
    • Sequence Tagging for Fast Dependency Parsing 

      Strzyz, Michalina; Vilares, David; Gómez-Rodríguez, Carlos (2019)
      [Abstract] Dependency parsing has been built upon the idea of using parsing methods based on shift-reduce or graph-based algorithms in order to identify binary dependency relations between the words in a sentence. In this ...