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    • Bioinspired hybrid model to predict the hydrogen inlet fuel cell flow change of an energy storage system 

      Alaiz Moreton, Héctor; Jove, Esteban; Casteleiro-Roca, José-Luis; Quintián, Héctor; López García, Hilario; Benítez-Andrades, José Alberto; Novais, Paulo; Calvo-Rolle, José Luis (MDPI, 2019-11-07)
      [Abstract]: The present research work deals with prediction of hydrogen consumption of a fuel cell in an energy storage system. Due to the fact that these kind of systems have a very nonlinear behaviour, the use of traditional ...
    • Fuel cell hybrid model for predicting hydrogen inflow through energy demand 

      Casteleiro-Roca, José-Luis; Barragán, Antonio Javier; Segura Manzano, Francisca; Calvo-Rolle, José Luis; Andújar-Márquez, José Manuel (MDPI, 2019-11-10)
      [Abstract]: Hydrogen-based energy storage and generation is an increasingly used technology, especially in renewable systems because they are non-polluting devices. Fuel cells are complex nonlinear systems, so a good model ...
    • Short-Term Energy Demand Forecast in Hotels Using Hybrid Intelligent Modeling 

      Casteleiro-Roca, José-Luis; Gómez-González, José-Francisco; Calvo-Rolle, José Luis; Jove, Esteban; Quintián, Héctor; González-Díaz, Benjamin; Méndez Pérez, Juan Albino (MDPI, 2019)
      [Abstract] The hotel industry is an important energy consumer that needs efficient energy management methods to guarantee its performance and sustainability. The new role of hotels as prosumers increases the difficulty ...