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    • An Architecture for Software Engineering Gamification 

      Pedreira, Óscar; García, Félix; Piattini, Mario; Cortiñas, Alejandro; Cerdeira-Pena, Ana (Qinghua Daxue Xuebao Bianjibu,Tsinghua University, Editorial Board, 2020-05-07)
      [Abstract] Gamification has been applied in software engineering to improve quality and results by increasing people's motivation and engagement. A systematic mapping has identified research gaps in the field, one of them ...
    • Multilevel Modeling of Geographic Information Systems Based on International Standards 

      Alvarado, Suilen H.; Cortiñas, Alejandro; Rodríguez Luaces, Miguel; Pedreira, Óscar; Saavedra Places, Ángeles (SpringerLink, 2021)
      [Abstract] Even though different applications based on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) provide different features and functions, they all share a set of common concepts (e.g., spatial data types, operations, services), ...