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    • Wind-solar technological, spatial and temporal complementarities in Europe: A portfolio approach 

      López Prol, Javier; DeLlano-Paz, Fernando; Calvo-Silvosa, Anxo; Pfenninger, Stefan; Staffell, Iain (Elsevier, 2024)
      [Abstract]: Climate change and geopolitical risks call for the rapid transformation of electricity systems worldwide, with Europe at the forefront. Wind and solar are the lowest cost, lowest risk, and cleanest energy ...
    • Work Techno-Resources and its Impact on Technostress. A Case Study 

      Ruiz Dominguez, Verónica Esperanza; Rìos, Martha; Sánchez-Fernández, María Dolores (2019-05)
      [Abstract]: The information and Communication Technologies (ICT) have changed how the professors in the Higher Education Institutions (HEI) conduct their activities that benefits their work and personal routines. Nevertheless, ...