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    • A survey of anatomical items relevant to the practice of rheumatology: pelvis, lower extremity, and gait 

      Hernández-Díaz, Cristina; Álvarez-Nemegyei, José; Navarro-Zarza, José Eduardo; Villaseñor-Ovies, Pablo; Kalish, Robert A.; Canoso, Juan J.; Vargas, Angélica; Chiapas-Gasca, Karla; Biundo, Joseph J.; De-Toro, Javier; McGonagle, Dennis; Carette, Simon; Saavedra, Miguel Ángel (Springer, 2017-06-01)
      [Abstract] This study aimed to generate a minimum list of structural and functional anatomical items about the pelvis/hip, knee, ankle/foot, gait, and lower limb innervation, which are most relevant to the practice of ...