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    • Aplicaciones en telerradiología 

      Dorado, Julián; Rabuñal, Juan R.; Romero, Juan; Santos-del-Riego, Sergio (Universidade da Coruña, 2001)
    • Comparison of Outlier-Tolerant Models for Measuring Visual Complexity 

      Carballal, Adrian; Fernández-Lozano, Carlos; Rodríguez-Fernández, Nereida; Santos, Iria; Romero, Juan (M D P I AG, 2020-04-24)
      [Abstract] Providing the visual complexity of an image in terms of impact or aesthetic preference can be of great applicability in areas such as psychology or marketing. To this end, certain areas such as Computer Vision ...
    • Complex systems in aesthetics and arts 

      Romero, Juan (Hindawi, 2019-05-02)
    • Expression-based evolution of faces 

      Machado, Penousal; Correia, Joao; Romero, Juan (Springer, 2012)
      [Abstract] The combination of a classifier system with an evolutionary image generation engine is explored. The framework is instantiated using an off-the-shelf face detection system and a general purpose, expression-based, ...
    • Feature selection and novelty in computational aesthetics 

      Correia, Joao; Machado, Penousal; Carballal, Adrián; Romero, Juan (Springer, 2013)
      [Abstract] An approach for exploring novelty in expression-based evolutionary art systems is presented. The framework is composed of a feature extractor, a classifier, an evolutionary engine and a supervisor. The evolutionary ...
    • Framework of fully integrated hybrid systems 

      Santos-del-Riego, Antonino; Romero, Juan; Carballal, Adrián; Pazos, A. (Springer U K, 2012-02)
      A framework of fully integrated hybrid systems (HSs) is proposed for the development and management of HS which involve databases, advanced user interfaces, symbolic systems, and artificial neural networks. This framework ...
    • Metodología para la construcción de modelos cognitivos complejos : exploración de la "creatividad artificial" en composición musical 

      Romero, Juan (2001)
      [Resumen] En esta tesis doctoral se propone una metodología de desarrollo de entes artificiales creativos, facilitando la colaboración, cooperación y comparación de sistemas desarrollados por diversos de investigación ...
    • Self-tuning of disk input–output in operating systems 

      Santos-del-Riego, Antonino; Romero, Juan; Taibo Pena, Carlos Rodríguez; Carballal, Adrián (Elsevier Inc., 2012-01)
      One of the most difficult and hard to learn tasks in computer system management is tuning the kernel parameters in order to get the maximum performance. Traditionally, this tuning has been set using either fixed configurations ...
    • Study of classical conditioning in Aplysia through the implementation of computational models of its learning circuit 

      Santos-del-Riego, Antonino; Pazos, A.; Porto-Pazos, Ana B.; Romero, Juan; Albó, A. (Taylor & Francis, 2007-07-04)
      The learning phenomenon can be analysed at various levels, but in this paper we treat a specific paradigm of artificial intelligence, i.e. artificial neural networks (ANNs), whose main virtue is their capacity to ...
    • Visual complexity modelling based on image features fusion of multiple kernels 

      Fernández-Lozano, Carlos; Carballal, Adrian; Machado, Penousal; Santos, Antonino; Romero, Juan (PeerJ, Ltd., 2019-07-18)
      [Abstract] Humans’ perception of visual complexity is often regarded as one of the key principles of aesthetic order, and is intimately related to the physiological, neurological and, possibly, psychological characteristics ...