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    • A data mining approach for classification of orthostatic and essential tremor based on MRI‐derived brain volume and cortical thickness 

      Benito‐León, Julián; Louis, Elan D.; Mato‐Abad, Virginia; Sánchez‐Ferro, Alvaro; Romero, Juan P.; Matarazzo, Michele; Serrano, J. Ignacio (John Wiley & Sons Ltd., 2019-11-26)
      [Abstract] Objective - Orthostatic tremor (OT) is an extremely rare, misdiagnosed, and underdiagnosed disorder affecting adults in midlife. There is debate as to whether it is a different condition or a variant of essential ...
    • Assessment of Tremor Severity in Patients with Essential Tremor Using Smartwatches 

      Velasco, Miguel A.; López-Blanco, Roberto; Romero, Juan P.; Castillo-Sobrino, Mª Dolores del; Serrano Moreno, José Ignacio; Benito-León, Julián; Rocón, Eduardo (Servicio de Publicaciones de la Universidad de Oviedo, 2017)
      [Abstract] This paper presents a classification model for the automatic quantification of tremor severity in patients with essential tremor (ET). The system is based on the signals measured by two commercial smartwatches ...
    • Diffusion tensor imaging in orthostatic tremor: a tract‐based spatial statistics study 

      Benito-León, Julián; Romero, Juan P.; Louis, Elan D.; Sánchez‐Ferro, Alvaro; Matarazzo, Michele; Molina‐Arjona, José A.; Mato-Abad, Virginia (John Wiley & Sons Ltd., 2019-10-06)
      [Abstract] Objective The pathogenesis of orthostatic tremor (OT) is unknown. We investigated OT‐related white matter changes and their correlations with scores from a neuropsychological testing battery. Methods Diffusion ...