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    • 1,4,7‐triazacyclononane‐based bifunctional picolinate ligands for efficient copper complexation 

      Guillou, Amaury; Lima, Luís M. P.; Roger, Mélissa; Esteban-Gómez, David; Delgado, Rita; Platas-Iglesias, Carlos; Patinec, Véronique; Tripier, Raphaël (Wiley, 2017-05-10)
      [Abstract] Three 1,4,7‐triazacyclononane‐based (tacn‐based) ligands containing picolyl and picolinate pendant arms (no3py, no2pa1py, and no3pa) were synthesized, and their copper(II) complexation properties were studied ...
    • Stable Mn2+, Cu2+ and Ln3+ complexes with cyclen-based ligands functionalized with picolinate pendant arms 

      Rodríguez Rodríguez, Aurora; Garda, Zoltán; Ruscsák, Erika; Esteban-Gómez, David; Blas, Andrés de; Rodríguez-Blas, Teresa; Lima, Luís M. P.; Beyler, Maryline; Tripier, Raphaël; Tircsó, Gyula; Platas-Iglesias, Carlos (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2015-01-20)
      [Abstract] In this study we present the results of the equilibrium, dissociation kinetics, DFT and X - ray crystallographic studies performed on the complexes of metal ions of biomedical importance (Mn 2+ , Cu 2+ and ...