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    • Applicability of EU(7)-PIM criteria in cross-national studies in European countries 

      Fialová, Daniela; Brkić, Jovana; Laffon, Blanca; Reissigová, Jindra; Grešáková, Silvia; Dogan, Soner; Doro, Peter; Tasić, Ljiljana; Marinković, Valentina; Valdiglesias, Vanessa; Costa, Solange; Kostřiba, Jan (2019)
      [Abstract] Background: The European Union (EU)(7)-PIM (potentially inappropriate medication) list presents the most comprehensive and up-to-date tool for evaluation of PIM prescribing in Europe; however, several ...
    • De la Diplomatura al Grado en Logopedia: influencia sobre las tasas de éxito y rendimiento en una asignatura obligatoria 

      Laffon, Blanca; Valdiglesias, Vanessa (Universidade da Coruña, Cufie, 2018)
      [Resumen] El proceso de convergencia hacia el Espacio Europeo de Educación Superior (EEES) es hoy día un hecho, y lleva en funcionamiento tiempo suficiente para permitir la realización de comparaciones. Como consecuencia ...
    • Early Genotoxic and Cytotoxic Effects of the Toxic Dinoflagellate Prorocentrum lima in the Mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis 

      Prego-Faraldo, María Verónica; Valdiglesias, Vanessa; Laffon, Blanca; Méndez, Josefina; Eirín-López, J.M. (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute, 2016)
      Okadaic acid (OA) and dinophysistoxins (DTXs) are the main toxins responsible for diarrhetic shellfish poisoning (DSP) intoxications during harmful algal blooms (HABs). Although the genotoxic and cytotoxic responses to OA ...
    • Effects of degree of urbanization and lifetime longest-held occupation on cognitive impairment prevalence in an older spanish population 

      Lorenzo-López, Laura; Millán-Calenti, José Carlos; López-López, Rocío; Diego-Díez, Clara; Laffon, Blanca; Pásaro, Eduardo; Valdiglesias, Vanessa; Maseda, Ana (Frontiers, 2017-02-13)
      [Abstract] Our aim was to estimate the prevalence of cognitive impairment in rural and urban elderly populations and to examine the relationship between lifetime occupation and general cognitive performance. A cross-sectional ...
    • Exploring genetic outcomes as frailty biomakers 

      Valdiglesias, Vanessa; Sánchez-Flores, María; Marcos-Pérez, Diego; Lorenzo-López, Laura; Maseda, Ana; Millán-Calenti, José Carlos; Pásaro, Eduardo; Laffon, Blanca (Oxford, 2018-04-19)
      [Abstract] Frailty has emerged as a reliable measure of the aging process. Because the early detection of frailty is crucial to prevent or even revert it, the use of biomarkers would allow an earlier and more objective ...
    • Frailty in older adults Is associated with plasma concentrations of inflammatory mediators but not with lymphocyte subpopulations 

      Marcos-Pérez, Diego; Sánchez-Flores, María; Maseda, Ana; Lorenzo-López, Laura; Millán-Calenti, José Carlos; Gostner, Johanna M.; Fuchs, Dietmar; Pásaro, Eduardo; Laffon, Blanca; Valdiglesias, Vanessa (Frontiers, 2018-05-16)
      [Abstract] Frailty denotes a multidimensional syndrome that gives rise to vulnerability to stressors and leads to an increase of the age-related decline of different physiological systems and cognitive abilities. Aging-related ...
    • Frailty status in older adults is related to alterations in indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase 1 and guanosine triphosphate cyclohydrolase I enzymatic pathways 

      Marcos Pérez, Diego; Sánchez-Flores, María; Maseda, Ana; Lorenzo-López, Laura; Millán-Calenti, José Carlos; Strasser, Barbara; Gostner, Johanna M.; Fuchs, Dietmar; Pásaro, Eduardo; Valdiglesias, Vanessa; Laffon, Blanca (Elsevier para AMDA (The Society for Post-Acute and Long-Term Cara Medicine), 2017-08-08)
    • Frailty syndrome and genomic instability in older adults: suitability of the cytome micronucleus assay as a diagnostic tool 

      Sánchez-Flores, María; Marcos-Pérez, Diego; Lorenzo-López, Laura; Maseda, Ana; Millán-Calenti, José Carlos; Bonassi, Stefano; Pásaro, Eduardo; Laffon, Blanca; Valdiglesias, Vanessa (Oxford, 2018-01-13)
      [Abstract] Frailty, a condition involving increased risk of disability and mortality in older adults, has emerged as a reliable way to predict the effect of aging. Genomic instability may help to anticipate recognition of ...
    • Genotoxicity of TiO2 Nanoparticles in Four Different  Human Cell Lines (A549, HEPG2, A172 and   SH‐SY5Y)  

      Brandão, Fátima; Fernández‐Bertólez, Natalia; Rosário, Fernada; Bessa, Maria João; Fraga, Sónia; Pásaro, Eduardo; Teixeira, Joao; Laffon, Blanca; Valdiglesias, Vanessa; Costa, Carla (2020)
      [Abstrac] Titanium dioxide nanoparticles (TiO2 NPs) have a wide variety of applications in many consumer products, including as food additives, increasing the concern about the possible hazards that TiO2 NPs may pose to ...
    • Immune biomarkers in older adults: role of physical activity 

      Valdiglesias, Vanessa; Sánchez-Flores, María; Maseda, Ana; Lorenzo-López, Laura; Marcos Pérez, Diego; López-Cortón Facal, Ana; Strasser, Barbara; Fuchs, Dietmar; Laffon, Blanca; Millán-Calenti, José Carlos; Pásaro, Eduardo (Taylor & Francis, 2017-05-19)
      [Abstract] Aging is associated with a decline in the normal functioning of the immune system. Several studies described the relationship between immunological alterations, including immunosenescence and inflammation, and ...
    • Is salivary chromogranin A a valid psychological stress biomarker during sensory stimulation in people with advanced dementia? 

      Valdiglesias, Vanessa; Maseda, Ana; Lorenzo-López, Laura; Pásaro, Eduardo; Millán-Calenti, José Carlos; Laffon, Blanca (IOS Press, 2016-12-20)
      [Abstract] Salivary chromogranin A (sCgA) is gaining attention as a biomarker of psychological stress. The objective of this work was to determine whether individualized music intervention and multisensory stimulation ...
    • Low Vitamin D Levels and Frailty Status in Older Adults: a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis 

      Marcos-Pérez, Diego; Sánchez-Flores, María; Bonassi, Stefano; Costa, Solange; Teixeira, Joao; Fernández-Tajes, Juan; Pásaro, Eduardo; Valdiglesias, Vanessa; Laffon, Blanca (2020)
      [Abstract] Serum vitamin D deficiency is widespread among older adults and is a potential modifiable risk factor for frailty. Moreover, frailty has been suggested as an intermediate step in the association between low ...
    • Lymphocyte subsets in a population of nonfrail elderly individuals 

      Valdiglesias, Vanessa; Sánchez-Flores, María; Maseda, Ana; Marcos Pérez, Diego; Millán-Calenti, José Carlos; Pásaro, Eduardo; Lorenzo-López, Laura; Laffon, Blanca (Taylor & Francis, 2015-07-13)
      [Abstract] Age-related frailty is characterized by increased vulnerability to stress due to decline in homeostatic reserve, which results in increased risk of adverse health outcomes including disability, hospitalization, ...
    • Minimum Information for Reporting on the Comet Assay (MIRCA): Recommendations for Describing Comet Assay Procedures and Results 

      Møller, Peter; Azqueta, Amaya; Boutet-Robinet, Elisa; Koppen, Gudrun; Bonassi, Stefano; Milić, Mirta; Gajski, Goran; Costa, Solange; Teixeira, Joao; Pereira, Cristiana Costa; Dusinska, Maria; Godschalk, Roger; Brunborg, Gunnar; Gutzkow, Kristine B.; Giovannell, Lisa; Cooke, Marcus S.; Richling, Elke; Laffon, Blanca; Valdiglesias, Vanessa; Basaran, Nursen; Del Bo’, Cristian; Zegura, Bojana; Novak, Matjaz; Stopper, Helga; Vodicka, Pavel; Vodenkova, Sona; Andrade, Vanessa Moraes de; Sramkova, Monika; Gabelova, Alena; Collins, Andrew; Langie, Sabine A. S. (2020)
      [Abstract] The comet assay is a widely used test for the detection of DNA damage and repair activity. However, there are interlaboratory differences in reported levels of baseline and induced damage in the same experimental ...
    • Okadaic Acid: More than a Diarrheic Toxin 

      Valdiglesias, Vanessa; Prego-Faraldo, María Verónica; Pásaro, Eduardo; Méndez, Josefina; Laffon, Blanca (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute, 2013)
      Okadaic acid (OA) is one of the most frequent and worldwide distributed marine toxins. It is easily accumulated by shellfish, mainly bivalve mollusks and fish, and, subsequently, can be consumed by humans causing alimentary ...
    • Prescribed medication and malnourishment at risk of malnutrition 

      Maseda, Ana; Buján, Ana; Lorenzo-López, Laura; Valdiglesias, Vanessa; Laffon, Blanca; Millán-Calenti, José Carlos (Oxford, 2017-06-30)
    • Proteomic Analyses Reveal that Sky1 Modulates Apoptosis and Mitophagy in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Cells Exposed to Cisplatin 

      Rodríguez Lombardero, Silvia; Rodríguez-Belmonte, Esther; González-Siso, María-Isabel; Vizoso-Vázquez, Ángel; Valdiglesias, Vanessa; Laffon, Blanca; Cerdán, María Esperanza (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute, 2014)
      [Abstract] Sky1 is the only member of the SR (Serine–Arginine) protein kinase family in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. When yeast cells are treated with the anti-cancer drug cisplatin, Sky1 kinase activity is necessary to produce ...
    • Reference ranges of lymphocyte subsets in non-frail older adults 

      Laffon, Blanca; Sánchez-Flores, María; Marcos-Pérez, Diego; Maseda, Ana; Lorenzo-López, Laura; Millán-Calenti, José Carlos; Valdiglesias, Vanessa; Pásaro, Eduardo (Oxford, 2017-06-30)
    • Salivary leucocytes as in vitro model to evaluate nanoparticle-induced DNA damage 

      Valdiglesias, Vanessa; Fernández-Bertólez, Natalia; Lema-Arranz, Carlota; Rodríguez-Fernández, Raquel; Pásaro, Eduardo; Reis, Ana Teresa; Teixeira, Joao; Costa, Carla; Laffon, Blanca (MDPI, 2021-07-27)
      [Abstract] Metal oxide nanoparticles (NPs) have a wide variety of applications in many consumer products and biomedical practices. As a result, human exposure to these nanomaterials is highly frequent, becoming an issue ...
    • Serum cortisol but not oxidative stress biomarkers are related to frailty: results of a cross-sectional study in Spanish older adults 

      Marcos-Pérez, Diego; Sánchez-Flores, María; Maseda, Ana; Lorenzo-López, Laura; Millán-Calenti, José Carlos; Pásaro, Eduardo; Laffon, Blanca; Valdiglesias, Vanessa (Taylor&Francis, 2019-08-13)
      [Abstract] Frailty is a multidimensional geriatric syndrome of loss of reserves and increased vulnerability to negative health outcomes. Cortisol, the major hormone of the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal (HPA) axis, and ...