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    • Commentaries on Viewpoint: The ongoing need for good physiological investigation: Obstructive sleep apnea in HIV patients as a paradigm 

      Zuo, Li; Jouett, Noah P.; Eugenín, Jaime; Figueiredo Müller-Ribeiro, Flávia Camargos de; Cysique, Lucette A.; Fernández Tellez, Helio; Perlitz, Volker; Nieman, Gary; Hemmelgarn, Benjamin T.; Smith, Michael L.; Beltrán-Castillo, Sebastián; Bernhardi, Rommy von; Ribeiro-Marins, Fernanda; Peliky Fontes, Marco Antônio; Gandevia, Simon C.; Mekjavic, Igor B.; Kerkhof, Peter L. M.; Munck, Jan de; Moret-Bonillo, Vicente; Gatto, Louis A. (American Physiological Society, 2015-01-15)
      [Abstract] The intriguing paradigm put forth by Darquenne et al. (3) highlighted that improved therapy against human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) has come at the cost of elevated rates of chronic diseases, such as obstructive ...