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    • Analysis of endogenous peptides released from osteoarthritic articular cartilage unravels novel pathogenic markers 

      Fernández-Puente, Patricia; González-Rodríguez, Lucía; Calamia, Valentina; Picchi, Florencia; Lourido Salas, Lucía María; Camacho Encina, María; Oreiro, Natividad; Rocha Loureda, Beatriz; Paz González, Rocío; Marina, Anabel; García, Carlos; Blanco García, Francisco J; Ruiz-Romero, Cristina (American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB), 2019-07-27)
      [Abstract] Osteoarthritis (OA) is a pathology characterized by the loss of articular cartilage. In this study, we performed a peptidomic strategy to identify endogenous peptides (neopeptides) that are released from human ...
    • Biomarker search in rheumatic diseases through conventional and emerging proteomic technologies 

      González-Rodríguez, Lucía (2019)
      [Abstract] There are more than 200 rheumatic diseases, which are the second leading cause of incapacitation worldwide and affect about 2 billion people, mainly women. This thesis focuses especially on two of the most common: ...
    • Predictive modeling of therapeutic response to chondroitin sulfate/glucosamine hydrochloride in knee osteoarthritis 

      Blanco García, Francisco J; Camacho Encina, María; González-Rodríguez, Lucía; Rego-Pérez, Ignacio; Mateos, Jesús; Fernández-Puente, Patricia; Lourido Salas, Lucía María; Rocha Loureda, Beatriz; Picchi, Florencia; Silva-Díaz, María T.; Herrero, Marta; Martínez, Helena; Verges, Josep; Ruiz-Romero, Cristina; Calamia, Valentina (Sage, 2019-08-24)
      [Abstract] Background: In the present study, we explored potential protein biomarkers useful to predict the therapeutic response of knee osteoarthritis (KOA) patients treated with pharmaceutical grade Chondroitin ...