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    • Compact Trip Representation over Networks 

      Brisaboa, Nieves R.; Fariña, Antonio; Galaktionov, Daniil; Rodríguez, M. Andrea (Springer, 2016-09-21)
      [Abstract] We present a new Compact Trip Representation ( CTRCTR ) that allows us to manage users’ trips (moving objects) over networks. These could be public transportation networks (buses, subway, trains, and so on) where ...
    • Compressed data structures for trajectory representation 

      Galaktionov, Daniil (2020)
      [Abstract] The proliferation of GPS devices in smartphones, vehicles and sport wearables in one hand, and geolocation mechanisms (such as smart cards in public transportation) in the other hand, have produced an ...
    • Navigational Rule Derivation: An algorithm to determine the effect of traffic signs on road networks 

      Galaktionov, Daniil; Luaces, Miguel R.; Places, Ángeles S. (2016-11-17)
      [Abstract] In this paper we present an algorithm to build a road network map enriched with traffic rules such as one-way streets and forbidden turns, based on the interpretation of already detected and classified traffic ...