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    • Analysis, Design and Empirical Validation of a Smart Campus Based on LoRaWAN 

      Fraga-Lamas, Paula; Celaya-Echarri, Mikel; López Iturri, Peio; Fernández-Caramés, Tiago M.; Azpilicueta, Leyre; Aguirre, Erik; Suárez Albela, Manuel; Falcone, Francisco; Castedo, Luis (MDPI, 2019)
      [Abstract] Internet of Things (IoT) applications for smart environments demand challenging requirements for wireless networks in terms of security, coverage, availability, power consumption, and scalability. The technologies ...
    • Design and Experimental Validation of a LoRaWAN Fog Computing Based Architecture for IoT Enabled Smart Campus Applications 

      Fraga-Lamas, Paula; Celaya-Echarri, Mikel; Lopez-Iturri, Peio; Castedo, Luis; Azpilicueta, Leyre; Aguirre, Erik; Suárez-Albela, Manuel; Falcone, Francisco; Fernández-Caramés, Tiago M. (M D P I AG, 2019-07-26)
      [Abstract] A smart campus is an intelligent infrastructure where smart sensors and actuators collaborate to collect information and interact with the machines, tools, and users of a university campus. As in a smart city, ...