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  • Small area estimation of labour force indicators under a multinomial model with correlated time and area effects 

    López Vizcaíno, María Esther; Lombardía Cortiña, María José; Morales, Domingo (Wiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd., 2014-09-30)
    [Abstract] The aim of the paper is the estimation of small area labour force indicators like totals of employed and unemployed people and unemployment rates. Small area estimators of these quantities are derived from four ...
  • Prediction of forest fires occurrences with area-level Poisson mixed models 

    Boubeta, Miguel; Lombardía Cortiña, María José; Marey Pérez, Manuel Francisco; Morales, Domingo (Academic Press, 2015-05-01)
    [Abstract] The number of fires in forest areas of Galicia (north-west of Spain) during the summer period is quite high. Local authorities are interested in analyzing the factors that explain this phenomenon. Poisson ...
  • Empirical best prediction under area-level Poisson mixed models 

    Boubeta, Miguel; Lombardía Cortiña, María José; Morales, Domingo (Springer, 2015-12-19)
    [Abstract] The paper studies the applicability of area-level Poisson mixed models to estimate small area counting indicators. Among the available procedures for fitting generalized linear models, the method of moments (MM) ...
  • Burned area prediction with semiparametric models 

    Lombardía Cortiña, María José; Boubeta, Miguel; González Manteiga, Wenceslao; Marey Pérez, Manuel Francisco (CSIRO Publishing, 2016-04-27)
    [Abstract] Wildfires are one of the main causes of forest destruction, especially in Galicia (north-west Spain), where the area burned by forest fires in spring and summer is quite high. This work uses two semiparametric ...
  • Cooperation on capacitated inventory situations with fixed holding costs 

    Fiestras Janeiro, María Gloria; García Jurado, Ignacio; Meca Martínez, Ana; Mosquera Rodríguez, Manuel Alfredo (Elsevier, 2015-03-16)
    [Abstract] In this paper we analyze a situation in which several firms deal with inventory problems concerning the same type of product. We consider that each firm uses its limited capacity warehouse for storing purposes ...