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  • Protocolo de valoración de las diferencias de longitud de los miembros inferiores 

    Gómez-Aguilar, Estela; Reina Bueno, María; Lafuente-Sotillos, Guillermo; Montes-Salas, Rubén; Castillo-López, José Manuel (Universidade da Coruña, 2017)
    [Abstract] Objectives: To propose a clinical protocol valid and reliable for the study of the differences in length of lower limb (hereinafter DLMI) scan.Materials and Methods: Literature review in scientific databases, ...
  • La insuficiencia venosa crónica y sus manifestaciones en el pie 

    Arnáiz-García, María Elena; Arnáiz-García, Ana María; Alonso-Peña, David; García-Martín, Aida; Arnáiz-García, Javier (Universidade da Coruña, 2017)
    [Abstract] Chronic venous insufficiency is a common condition that affects a large number of population, being a frequent reason for consultation with an important clinical, social and economic impact. Through this case ...
  • Normas para referenciar la bibliografía consultada en los trabajos de investigación 

    Tovaruela Carrión, Natalia; Ramos Galván, José; Mahillo Durán, Ramón; Gago Reyes, Fernando; Álvarez Ruíz, Verónica; Melero González, Gemma; Requeijo Constenla, Ana María (Universidade da Coruña, 2017)
    [Astract]Research papers refer to documents, books, articles or other published information resources, which form the lists of references accompanying these works. So when a document cited is not only necessary that it is ...
  • Complex regional pain syndrome of the foot and its management using spinal cord stimulation 

    Beeson, Paul; Asford, Robert; Raphael,Jon (Universidade da Coruña, 2017)
    [Abstract] Objective: This article discusses neuropathic foot pain with particular reference to complex regional pain syndrome. It provides recommendations for the clinical evaluation of complex regional pain syndrome and ...
  • The Relationship between Plantar Fasciitis and Plantar Heel Pressure 

    Bartolo, Erica; Formosa, Cynthia; Gatt, Alfred (Universidade da Coruña, 2017)
    [Abstract] Objective: The presence of increased medial heel plantar pressure in plantar fasciitis has been debated, with clinicians often utilizing pressure-relieving devices, such as heel pads and cups, as a means of ...