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  • Bistratamides M and N, Oxazole-Thiazole Containing Cyclic Hexapeptides Isolated from Lissoclinum bistratum Interaction of Zinc (II) with Bistratamide K 

    Urda, Carlos; Fernández, Rogelio; Rodríguez, Jaime; Pérez, Marta; Jiménez, Carlos; Cuevas, Carmen (Multidisciplinary Dixital Publishing Institute, 2017-07-01)
    [Abstract] Two novel oxazole-thiazole containing cyclic hexapeptides, bistratamides M (1) and N (2) have been isolated from the marine ascidian Lissoclinum bistratum (L. bistratum) collected in Raja Ampat (Papua Bar, ...
  • Synthesis of Acetylhomoagmatine 

    Castellanos, Leonardo; Duque, Carmenza; Rodríguez, Jaime; Jiménez, Carlos (Molecular Diversity Preservation International, 2006)
    The first total synthesis of acetylhomoagmatine, a natural product isolated form the methanolic extracts from the sponge Cliona celata, is performed in four steps in a very high yield.
  • Dolabelladienols A–C, New Diterpenes Isolated from Brazilian Brown Alga Dictyota pfaffii 

    Pardo-Vargas, Alonso; de Barcelos Oliveira, Ingrid; Stephens, Paulo Roberto Soares; Cirne-Santos, Claudio Cesar; de Palmer Paixão, Izabel Christina Nunes; Ramos, Freddy Alejandro; Jiménez, Carlos; Rodríguez, Jaime; Resende, Jackson Antonio Lamounier Camargos; Teixeira, Valeria Laneuville; Castellanos, Leonardo (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute, 2014)
    The marine brown alga Dictyota pfaffii from Atol das Rocas, in Northeast Brazil is a rich source of dolabellane diterpene, which has the potential to be used in future antiviral drugs by inhibiting reverse transcriptase ...
  • Natural Products from Antarctic Colonial Ascidians of the Genera Aplidium and Synoicum: Variability and Defensive Role 

    Núñez-Pons, Laura; Carbone, Marianna; Vázquez, Jennifer; Rodríguez, Jaime; Nieto, Rosa María; Varela, María Mercedes; Gavagnin, Margherita; Avila, Conxita
    Ascidians have developed multiple defensive strategies mostly related to physical, nutritional or chemical properties of the tunic. One of such is chemical defense based on secondary metabolites. We analyzed a series of ...
  • Apparent colossal dielectric constants in nanoporous Metal Organic Frameworks 

    Sánchez-Andújar, Manuel; Yáñez-Vilar, Susana; Pato-Doldán, Breogán; Gómez-Aguirre, Claudia; Castro-García, Socorro; Señarís-Rodríguez, María Antonia (American Chemical Society (ACS), 2012-05-30)
    In this work, we show that the hybrid material Co2(1,4-bdc)2(dabco)•[4DMF•1H2O], shows an apparent colossal dielectric constant at room temperature (r5000 at 300 K for =100 Hz). Nevertheless, such response does not ...